Let's head on over to pre and post game hangout in Arlington where the fists and drinks were flying.

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X User adan_xp shared this video from Texas Live on Sunday night. I can tell because the Jets/Raiders game is on the background. So this would have been after the Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium next door. You can see a BUNCH of folks rocking their Dallas Cowboys jersey in the massive venue.

Brunette Throws the First Punch

attachment-Screenshot 2023-11-14 101719

Obviously this altercation started before the video begins recording because...why else would someone be filming this? Obviously something started before this and the person recording was like s*** is about to go down. From what we have so far, the brunette throws the first punch at the blonde.

Ground and Pound

attachment-Screenshot 2023-11-14 101912

Once the blonde starts throwing punches ANOTHER girl jumps in and takes the blonde down to the ground.

Cupid Shuffle Dance Break

attachment-Screenshot 2023-11-14 102049

For some reason we pan to this dude attempting the Cupid Shuffle. As a fellow white guy this guy just increases the stereotype that we do not know how to dance. Nice throwback Emmitt jersey though.

2 on 1 Street Brawl Now

attachment-Screenshot 2023-11-14 102306

Blondie has no help as security attempts to try and control the situation. The male security guard feels like he doesn't get paid enough to deal with these drunk people.

Real Security Guard Comes to Stop this S***

attachment-Screenshot 2023-11-14 102825

Once this lady gets into the mix, this fight comes to hault. She seems like the head one in charge of this section at Texas Live. You want to fight in her section? NOT UP IN HERE!

Check Out the Full Fight Video Below:

Texas Live is know for a place to get some food and a drink before every sporting event in Arlington. Unfortunately sometimes some folks have a few too many and that liquid courage leads to some fists flying.

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