Three cartels in particular have been accused of some very heinous crimes over the past few years.

Chip Roy represents the 21st district of Texas and has recently filed a bill that would designate three Mexican cartels as a FTO. Which stands for Foreign Terrorist Organization. The three cartels in question are the Cartels Jalisco Generation, the cartels Los Zetas, and the Reynosa faction of the Gulf Cartel. These three groups are causing quite the headache at the southern border.

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"They're killing like terrorists. They’re putting fear in people like terrorists and then destroying families like terrorists, right, and they infiltrated the highest levels of the government of Mexico. And frankly the abuse being carried out against migrants, against our friends in Mexico, look we're talking about burned pits and we're talking about doors being locked to people being burned alive in Mexico and we're talking about people being hanged from bridges, we're talking about people being threatened and people being putting in stash houses and then being held for ransom," says Congressman Roy.

If passed, this law would require the state department to issue a report to congress on additional cartels that meet the criteria for FTO designation and require the department to designate them as such within 30 days of the report. The hope is that new resources like sanctions will be able to disrupt the cartel's money-making endeavors. "If we designate the cartels as terrorists, and we start using the full capabilities of the United States government, Mexico is going to be sorry," says former head of the DEA Derek Maltz.

We will wait and see if this bill passes.

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