A Texas state representative raised a few eyebrows in a heated Twitter exchange with a vaccine advocate, saying that vaccines are sorcery.

Rep. Jonathan Stickland participated in a few Twitter battles in response to the state allowing parents vaccine exemptions for their children, claiming conscientious objection. One response in particular, from a Texas pediatrician-scientist who develops neglected disease vaccines for impoverished people, raised Strickland's ire. Strickland accused the doctor of taking money from special interest groups, and said that vaccines are "sorcery":

According to the Houston Chronicle, Dr. Hotez did not respond to Strickland at this point, but Strickland continued debating with others afterwards, making points such as:

  • Vaccines are dangerous
  • Any doctor concerned that a child is vulnerable to disease is a "brainwashed commie",
  • Anyone defending science is a "typical leftist trying to take credit for something only The Lord God Almighty is in control of."

Strickland is no stranger to controversial views. He recently authored a bill that would allow all Texas residents to carry firearms without a license. The Texas House Speaker's opposition to the bill resulted in death threats from gun rights groups.

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