Skating across Texas sounds like fun. Also, this is going to a be a long journey.

16-year-old Ezera Reagan is a big skateboard fan. “When I started skating, I got addicted,” Reagan said. “I used to just ride for eight or nine hours straight. Just riding in a circle. I’d say I was getting up to at least 20 miles in a day.” Ezera wants to turn his passion into an awesome awareness project. He's noticed that more and more litter is piling up on Texas roads.

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Have we all forgotten the 'Don't Mess with Texas' ad campaign? Hell, I grew up in Maryland and knew about that litter campaign. That's how impactful it was. I'm not gonna lie, I have seen litter on the side of the road popping up in our town more often as well.

“It just makes me sad when I see that,” Reagan said. “On a skateboard, you start to realize how rough the roads are. Especially when you start putting trash and glass on it. It gets hard on cars and your board and goes into a big financial problem.”

Ezera has decided that he wants to plan a massive skateboard trip across our state to raise awareness of the growing litter problem. “I plan to skate 828 miles from Brownsville to Perryton, Texas,” Reagan said. “I have done a little bit of math and I found out that I am probably going to have to average a hundred miles a day to get it done as quickly as I can…because I have school and stuff,” he laughed.

He says one day he would like to skate from the east coast to the west coast of the country, but right now he is going to start with this trek across Texas. You can get more info on his journey here.

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