Driving on the road with skateboarders can be a real pain in the glass.

It’s not totally clear what happened here, but one thing is certain: a kid on a skateboard managed to smash the windshield of a $250,000 McLaren. Yeah, this is a little worse than deflating the tires.

According to the video description, the driver rolled past a stop sign, causing the kid to fall off his skateboard. We don’t actually see what happens next, but you can hear skateboard make contact with windshield before the kid hightails it out of there with the passenger chasing him on foot.

The driver zooms away and we never find out if the passenger caught the kid (who we like to imagine eluded him by pulling off some Marty McFly moves). It’s usually hard to have sympathy for people who drove such fancy cars – don’t they automatically seem smug and arrogant? – but in this case, you gotta have some pity. It’s not like he blew past the stop sign and ruining his windshield hardly seems like an appropriate response.

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