Goodwill is all about giving back, but this lady sure kept a lot for herself.

An investigation is currently going on at a Goodwill location in Houston. Cheryl Jennings has been accused of stealing $93,812 from the company. Which is a lot of money, how was she able to do this? Allegedly what happened was, Cheryl was faking payroll records. She created dummy employees using her relative's names.

Their paychecks, however, were going directly into Cheryl's bank account. Police are investigating to see if these family members were aware Cheryl was using their information for this scam. The people whose names she used were her son, ex-boyfriend, daughter, granddaughter-in-law, and friend.

Authorities say she had this scam going from December 2014 until August 2016. She has been charged with aggregate theft.

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