I drink milk every day, but how do you even store this much milk?

So a family out of Kennedale, Texas has been getting absolutely blasted online since CNN did a story on inflation back at the beginning of the month. The story was a simple one on how grocery shopping is impacting families across the country. The Stotlers showed CNN what it is like to grocery shop with them on a weekly basis.

All anyone is taking away from this interview is the amount of milk this family is drinking. Twelve gallons a week! CNN never officially says how many are in the family. I see around six kids in certain scenes, so let's put it at eight total. That's still a lot of milk this family is consuming in a given week.

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Drink what you like I guess, but I need to see their fridge. I just imagine they have a fridge in the garage that is the milk fridge. A gallon of milk takes up a lot of storage space, multiply that by twelve, how do you have room for the rest of the groceries? The story was just supposed to be on inflation, but all anybody cared about was the milk.

You know who took notice of this? Oak Farms Dairy out of Dallas. They announced they will be giving the Stotlers a year's supply of milk and that is a Stotlers' year supply of milk by the way. They will apparently be getting 625 gallons of milk. So I guess drink up Stotlers and I'm coming over to your house for milk and cookies.

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