I mean, it would be funny if they actually took the test.

The NFC Championship Game had a very controversial ending before going into overtime. Not only do we have a clear pass interference call, but also a helmet to helmet on the same play as well. It doesn't matter which one you want to pick, but we all agree a flag should have been thrown here. Heck, even the guy who committed the 'penalty' admitted he got away with one after the game.

Now one play doesn't determine a game. If that flag is thrown, first down. Saints run down the clock with a couple of seconds and kick a field goal for the win. They were passing the ball on first down just before this, so who knows what they were gonna do if they got that first down, but we all agree they should have gotten that first down.

So how does that flag not get thrown? Well, Crystal Vision Center in College Station, Texas may have the answer. The referee's vision is not that good. They are offering free eye exams and glasses to any referee in need. That's nice of them and I think some of them may need it.

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