Two things people need right now. Alcohol and hand sanitizer and this company is doing both.

Over in Houston, Gulf Coast Distillers is doing their part in helping stop the spread of coronavirus. They have repurposed one of its production and bottling lines to produce the alcohol-based cleaning product. This company is know for helping distill whiskeys in our area. They help make Billy Banks, Giant, Hickory Hills, and Roughneck whiskeys. They also help make Round Rock and BJ Hookers vodka.

C4U Hand Sanitizer could make its way into local retailers as early as later this week, the company announced. Exact locations and pricing will be announced once the product is ready for stores. "As the coronavirus concerns have grown over the past week, and the supply of important health items has become sparse, we have decided to shift a significant part of our production resources to help our community in this time of need," Gulf Coast Distillers' president & CEO Carlos de Aldecoa said a statement.

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