Getting stung by a bee sucks. Getting stung by hundreds sucks even more.

Last week over in Wallis, Texas Vern Roberts was out mowing his yard. He, unfortunately, encountered a hive of Africanized bees. Doctors don't have an exact estimate for how many stings he got, but they say it is somewhere between 500 and 600 stings on his body.


Vern's wife Mary heard him screaming in agony outside. She tried to come help her husband and ended up getting stung herself. Not as bad, just 42 stings for her. Mary was able to get away from the attack and get inside to call for paramedics. The thing that really sucks for them, they had to go back through the bee swarm to get to the ambulance once it arrived.

Vern spent three days in the intensive care unit at the hospital. He was able to go back home after that and is expected to recover. Still, a pretty scary incident while you're out mowing your yard.

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