Love Harry Styles? I think you have to sign up for this course then.

I have often thought about going back to college to take Sports Management course that the University of North Texas offers through the Dallas Cowboys. I am obsessed with the Cowboys so I think I need to do this at one point in my life.

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It looks like another Texas college is targeting a different demographic with a new course. Fans of pop superstar Harry Styles. We could argue all day who the biggest male artist in pop music is right now, but I think many would agree that Harry Styles is in that top five somewhere. Crazy to think that Texas State in San Marcos is offering a course on Harry Styles.


"Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity" will be available out of the honors college program for Spring of 2023. A description of the class said it "focuses on British musician Harry Styles and popular European culture to understand the cultural and political development of the modern celebrity." Students will touch on topics such as race, class, internet culture, fan culture, consumerism and fashion throughout the course.

If a student needs credit for honors studies, history, diversity studies and popular culture studies. They can credit by taking this course.

The class has been getting a lot of attention online and the professor for the course did a full breakdown of what students can expect to happen in the class. It won't just be listening to Harry Styles and One Direction songs on repeat for an hour a day.

Registration for the spring semester at Texas State starts in October. So if you want to transfer, you can do so then.

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