Did you know about an annual ranking for conservative colleges? I sure didn't, but let's see where you can go in Texas.

Keep Scrolling to See the Best Conservative Colleges in Texas

It's estimated that about 2/5 of American citizens are conservatives. This is a hot topic among folks, but if you're someone who preaches conservative values. Here is where you would want to send your kids to college in Texas. All info taken from Niche.

Texas Christian University (Fort Worth) Number 22 in America

54% Acceptance Rate, Net Price $42,574, SAT 1130 -1350

Abilene Christian University (Abilene) Number 17 in America

70% Acceptance Rate, Net Price $29,734, SAT 1050-1270

Dallas Baptist University (Dallas) Number 14 in America

90% Acceptance Rate, Net Price $27,599, SAT 940-1200

Texas A&M University (College Station) Number 13 in America

64% Acceptance Rate; Net Price $22,253, SAT 1140-1380

Southern Methodist University (Dallas) Number 7 in the Country

53% Acceptance Rate, Net Price $41,986, SAT 1340-1510

If you're curious on where the most conservative colleges in America are, check out Niche's full breakdown on their site. Although the majority of the schools mentioned above are private schools, Texas A&M was the only public university on the list. This means it is one of the cheapest as well.

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Private universities, typically with a religious affiliation are almost double the cost of a public university. Depends on what you're looking for in your college experience when you go. Looks like if you need to find a college in America, you can always find the perfect one for you. Even if that means trying to track down the most conservative college in America.

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