We were all baffled yesterday when 26 dogs just went missing out of animal shelter. Glad to report that most of the dogs have been found. 

Iowa Park police seized 34 total dogs Monday from a possible puppy mill located in a warehouse in Iowa Park. Thursday morning, 26 of those dogs were stolen.

The man who is being charged in connection with the dog napping is 52-year-old Lee Allen Miller, the owner of the dogs. Miller's official charge will be tampering with physical evidence. His bond was set at $25,000.

Thursday evening a caller, who wished to remain anonymous, told officials he found dogs that appeared to match the description of the missing greyhounds near Midway ISD in Clay County. Several other witnesses saw Miller's car parked in the area.

When police spoke to Miller he was not very forthcoming with truthful information; however, he did confess to going to the shelter and taking the dogs back. Miller also said that five of the dogs escaped from his possession in Midway when a door broke off of a cage they were in. Officials are still searching for the five missing dogs and ask that if anyone sees them to please call the Iowa Park Police Department at 940-592-2181.

Miller also faces up to 34 counts of animal cruelty, pending an investigation.

Animal control officer Melissa Britt told the Times Record News on Wednesday that the conditions the dogs were originally living in before the Iowa Park police seized them were “horrible” and something she had never seen.

The fate of the dogs will be determined on October 26 at the animal seizure hearing.

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