Considered laughable by the scientific community, the number of believers in the flat-Earth theory continues to grow.

The flat-Earth theory has been gaining supporters over the past several years, with famous believers like NBA star Kyrie Irving, Tila Tequila, and rapper B.o.B. being very vocal in their skepticism. Arguments like "Why are there no pictures of the horizon showing the curve of the Earth?" and "If the Earth is curved, why don't buildings in New York lean?" have been plaguing people online for years now.

You may be asking, what about the multitude of photographs from space showing Earth to be a sphere? Well, obviously those are fakes created to continue the conspiracy. Well then, what about the centuries of scientific evidence that shows the world to be round? That evidence is either wrong, or part of the conspiracy.

Unfortunately, the distrusting of science has become more prevalent over the past several years, with the Economist using Google Trends to discover that inquiries into the flat-Earth theory have tripled in the last two years.

Conspiracy theories discrediting scientific evidence do ultimately have an effect on society at large, with measles cases on the rise due to people fearing vaccines cause Autism, and teachers telling students that humans play no part in climate change, contrary to scientific studies.

Several flat-Earthers have tried unsuccessfully to justify their positions. One flat-Earther planned to prove the planet is flat by launching himself 1,800 feet over the Mohave desert in a home-made rocket to photograph the flat horizon. His launch was cancelled as he planned to launch from public land, but it wouldn't have worked out anyway since the curve of the horizon isn't visible below 35,000 feet.

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