It's safe to say Southern New Hampshire University made the right move here when they decided to replace a professor who didn't realize Australia is a country and a continent and failed a student for it. The young minds of America probably should not be molded at the hands of this idiot. 

The assignment was to compare U.S. social norms to those of another country. SNHU online sociology student, Ashley Arnold decided to compare Australia and America's social media use.

Sounds like it could be interesting, right? Well according to the professor, she was wrong. Arnold received a zero for the assignment and the professor claimed Australia is not a country, it's only a continent.

Arnold then took the issue up with the university, and the school responded by replacing the professor and ending their public statement with "To our friends and colleagues in Australia, we know that you are a country and a continent, best of luck in the Olympic games!"

Arnold ended up getting a B+ on the assignment when everything was said and done and the professor better hope to get those kinds of grades in clown school where he should inevitably end up.

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