It's New Years Day and everyone wants to get started on their resolutions. A big one for everyone is to lose weight. Here is where I would recommend going in Wichita Falls.

January 1st or as I like to call it, the biggest gym day of the year. Most people coming in act like this, but hey we all got to start somewhere. I used to be a pretty big guy, 325 pounds to be exact. When you see that on a scale it can be depressing as hell. In case you think I am making it up.


It was time to get into shape. For me, the first thing I look for in a gym is their hours. Mainly on Sundays because of football season. If a place doesn't open as early as six in the morning on Sunday, I will probably not work out that day and feel like a fat P.O.S..

So for my list the first two are 24 hours a day because that is what I personally need and enjoy. I hope you all stick to getting in shape this year, the first couple of weeks of motivation can be hard. Believe me I know, but let 2015 be the year you finally lose that weight.



  • Anytime

    Anytime Fitness

    5120 Greenbriar Road

    This is the gym that I personally use, so hey if you want to work out in the afternoon with me feel free to sign up. Like I said 24 hours a day, private bathrooms with showers in everyone of them. Tanning beds, amazing cardio equipment and an amazing weight area.

  • Planet Fitness

    Planet Fitness

    3915 Kell Blvd

    The only other 24 hour gym in Wichita Falls can hook you up with a lot of cardio equipment. They also got some cool amenities at Planet Fitness. Massage, tanning beds and haircuts? According to their website they do haircuts, well I learned something today.

  • Power House

    Powerhouse Gym

    3127 Lawrence Road

    A lot of my friends use Powerhouse in town. Like I said, I need a 24 gym during football season. They have an amazing free weight section at Powerhouse and if you're someone that has kids. They have child care at Powerhouse so you don't have an excuse to not work out.


  • MWSU

    MSU Wellness Center

    On Midwestern next to SIkes Lake

    It would have felt wrong to not put my Alma Mater on the list. Yes, while I was in college I did partake in many exercises in this gym. If you're looking for a place with a pool, this is your gym. Also has an indoor track and a very intense spin class.

  • YMCA


    5001 Bartley Drive

    The good old fashioned YMCA. I spent a big part of my childhood at the YMCA back in Maryland. It was the place where I learned to swim, actually that's all I remember. I was always super excited to go hit up the pool. The YMCA in Wichita Falls also has hot tubs, saunas and a great selection of strength equipment.