I literally eat at the same restaurant every week and my roommate constantly makes fun of me for it. Well this weekend he made me go with him to Opa's Schnitzel Haus and I was quite surprised.

I actually do not think I have been to an authentic German restaurant in my life, so I was going in with an open mindset. I loved the atmosphere from the second I walked into the door and I was blown away with the friendly staff they had. Now time to order some food and drinks.

I am a huge beer drinker and I am always willing to try out a new beer. Opa's has an insane selection of German beers and I decided to go with the servers recommendation. She recommended a beer called "Optimator Spaten" and it was amazing. Now if you have drank at Parkway grill or Whiskeyta you know of the huge beer mugs. I believe the mugs that they have at Opa's are actually bigger. Any place that has new beers to try is always good with me and they also have a four beer sampler, that I will be trying next time I go in.

Now on to the food, I believe I only had schnitzel once in my entire life. Since I was skeptical about trying something new, I decided to go with something that I know and love. Jalapenos, so I got the jalapeno schnitzel that has a jalapeno sauce on top and also fresh jalapenos. I swear I don't say this often about food, but it was amazing. My roommate got a three piece sausage platter and I definitely stole some, also quite delicious. His girlfriend got the cordon bleu schnitzel and I also stole some of that deliciousness.

If you have never been to Opa's Scnitzel Haus go check them out in the Parkway plaza, it is located right in front of Toby's bar. They also have a Facebook you can go check out. Now if only we could get some more restaurants to serve more ginormous beers.

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