Stryker Tries Out GWARbar
I was home in Baltimore for Magfest and I remembered that the all new GWARbar just opened up. It's only a two and half hour drive. Was it worth the trip? Hell yes!
TMNT 2014 Review
I was so nervous about my childhood being forever ruined when I went and saw this movie. I will always go to watch the Ninja Turtles kick some ass in the theater.
Back Porch Draft House Review
Trying to get me to try something new is seriously like pulling teeth. I decided to mix it up this weekend with the new restaurant in town, Back Porch Draft House.
Stryker's Restaurant Review
I literally eat at the same restaurant every week and my roommate constantly makes fun of me for it. Well this weekend he made me go with him to Opa's Schnitzel Haus and I was quite surprised.

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