I had the pleasure to be a part of Six Flags media day when they showed off their brand new ride. As a huge fan of Batman, I was in for one awesome day. This ride is truly one of a kind and it blew me away.

We were asked to come on down to Arlington to experience a first of its kind ride at Six Flags a few weeks ago, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 4D. My goodness, this ride literally has everything you would want in a ride. You start off in a cart that has laser guns in it. Don't worry, this cart is not a slow moving ride. You're zooming around Metropolis with the Justice League.

The premise of the ride basically is that the Joker and Lex Luthor have teamed up. They're causing all sorts of anarchy all over Metropolis and the Justice League needs your help. So you have these laser guns that enable you to shoot Lex Luthor's drones. This ride is ALSO in 3D. So when you shoot a drone down, it will actually start flying at your face.

This ride is different in the fact that you can actually change what is going on in the scene with your laser gun. I will admit, I missed a couple of shots and accidentally shot a crane that forced it to collapse. Whoops, my bad Batman. All of the cool members of the Justice League make an appearance at some point on the ride. Batman,Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

We also got to take part in the coolest ribbon cutting ceremony I have ever seen in my life. Usually it just gets done with some super-big scissors. This time it was done with one of the laser guns from the ride and of course, the Joker had to crash the party. Also, a New Year's Eve level of confetti was released on top of us, it was awesome.

If you're asking what this ride is similar to, you have to combine several rides. You may have seen how you shoot things on the Men in Black ride at Universal Studios and how you can travel around with Optimus Prime on the Transformers ride there; however, this Justice League ride has all of that on one ride. It truly is the first of its kind that I have seen. Plus anything with Batman on it is getting a nod in my book.

Two big thumbs up for this one, you have got to check this one out. Get a sneak peek in our video above.


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