You may think you're going to a Six Flags if you see one across the country, but is it really a Six Flags? Probably not.

North Texas Is Home to the Original Six Flags

Summer is just getting started and for many folks a trip to Six Flags will be in order across the country. For us here in North Texas, that means a trip to Arlington to visit Six Flags Over Texas. The original park for the company that opened up back in 1961. Texas technically has two Six Flags. Six Flags Fiesta Texas is in San Antonio, but it's not really a Six Flags.

Back in 1992, the park was just called Fiesta Texas because Six Flags did not own it. You see Six Flags actually buys up other theme parks across the country and stamps the Six Flags name on them. Six Flags has fifteen parks across the country, but only three are original Six Flags properties.

Six Flags Georgia

Five years after opening Six Flags Over Texas, the company opened their second location in Mableton, Georgia. This park has Georgia themed lands instead of Texas ones. For instance in Texas we have lands called Mexico, Spain, and Old South for Texas' history. Georgia has Piedmont, Peachtree Square, and Lickskillet (had to look this last one up, apparently an old Georgia town). Some rides are similar in both of our parks today, mainly the DC Comics rides.

Six Flags St Louis

Originally known as Six Flags Mid America when it opened in 1971, ten years after the original Six Flags park opened in Arlington, Texas. The name changed to Six Flags St Louis in 1996, even though it operates in Eureka, Missouri. The park was the final park that Six Flags ever built, which is crazy to me. You think of Six Flags as this premiere theme park company with locations all over the country, but nope. They just buy up theme parks going out of business and stamp the Six Flags name on it.

Here Was My Theme Park Growing Up In Maryland

I had season passes to Adventure World and loved this place. Six Flags bought the rights to it and got that Adventure World name out of there. To this day it is know known as Six Flags America. So any Six Flags park you see besides Over Texas, Georgia, or St Louis is not really a Six Flags. It's a failed theme park that Six Flags bought the rights to.

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