It was a wild weekend at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. 

On Saturday night, videos started circulating online of several chaotic fights that had broken out at the theme park. 

It’s hard to tell just what led up to fists flying Saturday night, but one thing is clear and that’s the fact that a whole bunch of people were involved. 

Videos show men fighting men, men fighting women and women fighting women. There were more windmills at Six Flags Saturday night than in the Texas Panhandle – and that’s a lot. 

Six Flags said the park was closed 30 minutes early due to the fight when responding to a Twitter user asking what was being done: 

The safety of our guests & team members is always our top priority. After observing the improper behavior of some guests, the park was closed approx. 30 min early out of an abundance of caution. Park security & Arlington PD were present to clear the park in an orderly manner.

A lot of the people commenting on Twitter mentioned that most of those involved were unaccompanied teens, with one user saying she overheard kids saying they were looking to find or start a fight. 

So far, only one arrest has been made. Fox 4 is reporting that 18-year-old Kenderrick White of Fort Worth was the only person arrested Saturday night. 

White was spotted fighting by an off-duty police officer who happened to be working security that night. White ran from the officer when confronted. 

He was eventually taken into custody and charged with fighting in public, evading arrest, and resisting arrest. 

Hopefully, Six Flags will be able to do something to stop this sort of thing from happening again, because it’s far too expensive to have to worry about whether or not you’ll get sucked in to some sort of battle royal.

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