Another day, another wild brawl in Big D. 

I swear Dallas is getting crazier by the minute. And while it makes me want to stay way the hell away from there, it does make for some outstanding entertainment. 

However, I have to say that while it would appear that all-out brawls break out all the time in the Metroplex, I don’t recall ever witnessing one first-hand. So, either I’ve been extremely lucky or have managed to avoid places where chaos is most likely to unfold.

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But I have been to many shows at the House of Blues, which just so happens to be the latest club to erupt in violence. 

As is usually the case with these types of videos, I haven’t the slightest idea why a bunch of people were throwing down at the Sexyy Redd show there last night (November 21). All I know is that I’m glad I wasn’t in the vicinity like the people you see going up the stairwell right there up close and personal to the action. 

All it would take is one stray beer bottle flying through the air to ruin an innocent bystander’s night. And that would be a damn shame.

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