The biggest Cowboys hater in the world is coming to Dallas to feel the boos in person.

For decades at this point, the most vocal Cowboys hater on television is Stephen A. Smith. Back in the day when Skip Bayless was his co-host, who is a Cowboys fan, the two could go at it for a solid hour just about the Cowboys if they wanted to.

In case you missed it earlier this season. Jerry Jones 'tricked' Stephen A. Smith into revealing the 2022 schedule for the Dallas Cowboys. I genuinely think that Jerry Jones loves Stephen, mainly for the fact that as long as the Cowboys are being talked about it is good for him. Even if Stephen is tearing them apart on a Monday after a loss.

It looks like Stephen A. Smith and the First Take crew will be broadcasting live from The Star in Frisco on August 25th. The show kicks off at 9 in the morning and I know Cowboys fans will be there to give him a warm Texas welcome. Jerry is expected to be on the show, along with Michael Irvin.

Michael Irvin and Stephen have gotten in some HEATED arguments on the show about the Cowboys. I swear, I am waiting for Michael to have a heart attack one of these days with how hard he goes for the Cowboys against Stephen. We will see what happens in a few weeks on the show. You can get to the Tostitos Plaza as early as 7:30 to get a good place for the show that day if you want to attend.

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