Since my team is playing tonight, it only seems appropriate to ask this question. 

I will be honest, I hate Monday Night Football, but only when it's the Cowboys playing. I think it's because my Sunday is so boring without the Cowboys playing. Also my Monday seems to drag on waiting for kickoff. The first thing I look for when the schedule comes out is, for NFL Network games (another thing I hate) and Monday Night Football.

I used to love Monday Night Football when it was John Madden and we had that awesome Monday Night Countdown kick off song (seen above). It just seems like since it moved over to ESPN, the production values have tanked, hard. I think the only thing I enjoy on the ESPN coverage is the 'Come On Man' segment during pregame.

I will say this though, when I lived in Maryland, I loved any prime time game. That meant I could always watch the Cowboys play. It's the only way I was guaranteed to see them with the exception of them playing Thanksgiving and against the Redskins. Still though, I have a hate for Monday Night Football now that I live in Texas and I just want to see if I am the only one.

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