UNT sent a cease and desist letter to ESPN and you know what? They actually got the commercial taken down.

The University of North Texas always confused me when it came to their team name. They used to be the Eagles. Everyone knew them as the Mean Green. It's their official name on a lot of their stuff, even when they were the Eagles. So when the UNT Athletic Director was watching ESPN this week he noticed a commercial for one of the games this weekend.

The big rivalry, Michigan and Michigan State. However, in the commercial, the Michigan State Spartans are called the Mean Green. Who do wear green, but are not the official Mean Green. UNT has an official copyright on that name and are not gonna let somebody use it. Especially not let people get confused with another college football team.

ESPN has responded and removed the Mean Green tag from the commercial. Probably feels pretty good to have the Worldwide Leader in Sports admit when they're wrong. Go Eagles or Mean Green. I'm never sure.

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