An argument that has been going on for years got ugly up in Oklahoma.

Jerome Dewayne Whyte was arrested this past Saturday after getting into an argument with a guy in his apartment. The two were debating which was better, 'Star Wars' or 'Star Trek'. The victim told police he became frustrated and stated "You're just a trick" before walking back to his room.

Whyte then followed this guy and shoved him to the ground. The victim got back up and told police he stated "You wanna replay that?" and was once again shoved to the ground. Whyte then began choking this guy. The victim, about to pass out, pulled out a pocket knife. Whyte let go and when he reached for the knife cut himself.

He then left. Police later arrested Whyte on a complaint of assault and battery. He also had some marijuana on him at the time of his arrest and also had some outstanding warrants in Oklahoma. He was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

I personally am a fan of both franchises, but 'Star Wars' is the best in my book.

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