A missing limb isn't this guy's only problem anymore.

28-year-old Josh Stockinger from St. Louis, who happens to have a prosthetic arm, picked a fight with the wrong people. And then he went after the police.

Apparently, Stockinger never returned his rental car back to the dealership and got pretty upset when they called to remind him about it. He ended up making enough threats over the phone to prompt the dealership to call cops, who where there waiting when he showed up.

And it turns out that Stockinger also had a warrant out for his arrest. So when the officer went to arrest him, he started beating him with his prosthetic arm!

Now it's unclear if he removed the arm before beating the cop, or just hit him while it was still attached. Let's stick with the first choice just for humors sake.

The officer was later taken to the hospital with a cut on his head that required three stitches.

As for Mr. One-Arm, he was arrested for resisting arrest and first-degree assault on a law enforcement officer.

And to make matters worse, the cops took his arm as evidence. How's that for a bad day?