A pretty cool show is gonna be filmed just north of us very soon.

Growing up in the 90s we all watched an episode of 'Cops'. A&E has its own version of 'Cops', but the cool thing is it is actually live. 'Live PD' goes around the country with different law enforcement offices on a typical Friday and Saturday night to see what is going on in those cities. Coming up on March 29th, 'Live PD' will be filming in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol will be the ones on the show, so don't do anything illegal on the highway at the end of the month. You may end up being a moron on live television. No word yet on what part of Oklahoma the television crew will cover because the highway patrol covers a lot of Oklahoma. We will have to tune in and see. 'Live PD' airs at 8 on Fridays and Saturdays on A&E.

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