Another reason why Wichita Falls needs a Taco Cabana.

I'm writing this story today hoping someone at the Taco Cabana corporate offices sees this and knows that Wichita Falls needs one of their restaurants. I personally love Taco Cabana and try to hit them up when I go to DFW. I think they have some amazing breakfast and you should try it if you ever see one.

Taco Cabana also has alcoholic drinks inside their restaurant. I have had a beer or two before there, but they also do margaritas as well. Starting today they're unveiling a new menu item. A frozen Jack and Dr Pepper and it looks amazing. So instead of getting the drink where the Jack is already mixed in, it comes in a shot on the side.

I personally think this is way better because when the drink is already mixed in, I think you sometimes get screwed out of some alcohol. This way, you know you get your shot. You could do the shot straight up and use Dr Pepper as a chaser. Also, throw that shot in and mix it yourself. This sounds perfect for a hot summer day and may need to road trip to try one.

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