Maybe we should let the tribute guys be the ones to smack the keg. 

If you know Slipknot, you know the song 'Duality'. One of my favorites from the guys and a Slipknot tribute band did their cover of it. In my opinion, did a damn good job of it. If you have ever heard that song, you know you have those big 'keg hits' in the song.

The guy impersonating Clown jumps off the stage with the keg and lets fans take over the keg hits part. One of them being a security guy with his nightstick. I thought that was gonna be the funny part of the video. Nope, the guy with the bat. Actually, the second guy with the bat. He took it from him and beat the keg so hard it bounced back. He knocked himself out it looked like. Smooth move my man.

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