Slipknot guitarist Jim Root is planning his own solo project, using his time in quarantine to compile new ideas. Root revealed the idea to Loudwire during an exclusive interview, detailing his creative process and admitting he may overthink it to death.

Slipknot often revolves around the schedule of Corey Taylor, going dormant when it’s time for the frontman to focus on Stone Sour. After Slipknot’s tour schedule for We Are Not Your Kind is complete, the Nine will likely be away for two or three years, giving the musicians ample time to work on other creative projects.

“I’ve had a lot of people ask me about doing a solo project. I think now I have a little bit of extra time to dedicate to that, so I’ve been writing some stuff that maybe wouldn’t slide into the Slipknot world,” Root explains. “I would like to [start a solo project] just because I need to stay busy. You know, I didn’t start a family, I never got married, I didn’t do any of that stuff. I know Corey wants to do a solo project that’s outside of Stone Sour; he’s mentioned that.”

“For a solo project, I’m gonna overthink that until I’m insane and it may never ever come out,” the guitarist laughs. “What direction do I go? Do I even think about a direction? Do I just let it naturally come out? Do I use things that I’ve written intended for Slipknot that maybe Slipknot didn't gravitate towards?”

Root concludes, “Obviously, Slipknot is my priority and it’s what I’m always gonna have as a priority … With all the arrangements I’ve written for the last couple of Slipknot records, I don’t know that I need another outlet, but I’m going to try. Set a goal, maybe see if I can achieve it.”

Watch our full interview with Jim Root above and click here to watch the Slipknot guitarist play his favorite riffs.

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