You want your Ice Girls wearing more clothes? Thank goodness I am not a Sharks fan.

If you have never been to a Dallas Stars game(Seriously go you are missing out) we have our own group of cheerleaders called the Ice Girls. Now most NHL teams have their own versions of Ice Girls. The San Jose Sharks Ice Girls in the past have worn a full length jersey similar to what the players wear. Then the team unveiled a new uniform seen below.

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I guess people in San Jose are offended by a little belly button showing. A group has been started trying to prevent the Sharks from using these uniforms in the upcoming season. The group is asking fans to sell their season tickets until the uniforms change.

I can't believe a little stomach is offending people in California. The Dallas Stars Ice Girls wear way less and I have never heard people selling their season tickets over it. Calm down Sharks fans you are reacting like they are sending girls out there topless and in thongs. I want the Stars Ice Girls seen in the photo below with me to fly over to California and attend a Stars/Sharks game.

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