Several years ago, Wichita Falls had a large supermarket on Southwest Parkway call The Food Emporium. They had a massive American flag that flew outside of the store. One of residents of a nearby residential area complained of the 'noise' the flag made. Yes, that really happened. As I recall, the complaints were met with a volley of pro-flag replies from others in the community. Wichita Falls businessman Harry Patterson has flow large flags outside his dealerships along Jacksboro Highway for many years. I doubt anyone has complained, and if they did, he'd probably have no problem telling exactly how he feels and why the flags will stay.

An RV dealership in Statesville, NC is racking up fines for refusing to take down their 40 foot by 80 foot American flag. City officials there say it violates an ordinance. The owners of the dealership, Gander RV,  say the flag is there to honor our nations military and those who've lost their lives in defense of this country. And they've more or less told the city officials to go kick rocks, in spite of a lawsuit filed by the city seeking an injunction to force the flags removal. Not a good move, Statesville. Actions like that are more likely to get elected city officials removed from office. Hats off to Gander RV for standing their ground on the issue.

Gander RV Facebook screen shot

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