You can always count on Dallas-Fort Worth to provide some good old-fashioned road rage videos. 

Hell, it’s become the preferred entertainment for this ol’ boy these days. Mostly because I’m just glad that I wasn’t involved. 

Most of the hijinks I see online involve a couple of dudes coming to blows on the side of the road or some random intersection. But every now and then someone ups the ante when it comes to road rage incidents.

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And today was that day. 

I have no earthly idea what led to the road rage between a couple of fellas in Las Colinas earlier today. But whatever the case may be, it was apparently bad enough to inspire one of the guys to get out of his car with a gun in hand. 

Look, I get just as frustrated as the next person when some jerk is right up on my bumper. Or God forbid they happen to cut me off in traffic. 

But as mad as I have been on more than one occasion while navigating the DFW traffic, I haven’t yet been compelled to pull a gun on the other driver. So, I can only imagine what could have possibly led to the guy in the below video’s actions. 

But I do know if I were the driver of the white pickup, I probably would’ve needed a clean change of underwear afterward. 

The video is not embeddable, but you can watch it here and enjoy some of my favorite Twitter comments below.

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