As a Cowboys fan I could care less about anything the 49ers are doing, but when you get an old school wrestler to hype you up before a game I am in.

I did everything I could to avoid watching football this weekend. When I went to Parkway to watch the Stars game of course the Eagles game was on, pretty much forcing me to watch football. Also, nothing more awkward than being that one guy cheering out of nowhere for your sport that no one else is watching.

Well I saw on Sports Center last night that the 49ers beat the Packers in the divisional round and I think I know why. They got WWE legend Ric Flair to come in and give them a motivational speech before the game. He does say he hates the Cowboys, but I guess I will let that slide. If the Cowboys make the playoffs next year, I want Jerry Jones to bring Randy "Macho Man" Savage back from the dead.

Check Out Ric Flair's Motivational Speech Below: