This guy is obviously a big supporter of the President and the President is taking notice.

Over in Lufkin, Texas, like in many parts of the country. Peoples political signs are being stolen. Some people have gone to great lengths to keep their signs in the yard, some people have even booby trapped their signs. An anonymous person has been climbing trees in Lufkin, Texas to hang Trump flags.

In total, around 30 trees throughout the city have Trump flags in them right now. From the photo the President tweeted out, those flags are not easy to get to. So if someone wants to take it down, like they have been the signs, you have got some work to do. President Trump tweeted out, “In Lufkin, Texas – Someone was stealing Trump signs, so an anonymous tree climber put up 30 of them throughout the community. Love it, thank you! #MAGA”.

We will see if more flags go up in Lufkin or if somebody tries to take them out in the next few days. Election day is just a few days away and people are starting to go a little election crazy.


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