This place was popular in the 30's for its massive swimming hole. Then in the 70's amusement rides were added entertaining Texans for decades.

Sad news if you were a fan of Sandy Lake Amusement Park over in Carrolton, Texas. The family that owns the park has decided to sell it to a commercial landscaping company and that means the amusement park will be shutting down for good.

The park featured several classic rides like the tilt-a-whirl, carousel and a train that would take you around the park. It also featured rides for the little kids as well. Seemed like a great place to take the family. It also had a pool, mini golf and paddle boats in the old swimming hole.

Sandy Lake Amusement Park had been operating since 1971. Their final week of opening was just back in September. “If the park’s legacy is leaving most people with golden memories or pleasant thoughts then the park has done its job,” Sandy Lake Amusement Park said on its Facebook page. You can read that full post below.

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