I mean, he's definitely not the best, but I wouldn't put him dead last.

Sorry Oklahoma State Cowboy fans, but your mascot sucks. You probably already new this. I'm not a big fan of mascots, I think most of them are honestly terrible. I truly believe two of my teams have some of the worst in professional sports. Rowdy for the Dallas Cowboys and Victor for the Dallas Stars. I know a bad mascot when I see one.

Pistol Pete is a bad mascot but according to a survey done by Quality Logos, they have Pistol Pete has the worst in the country. According to other surveys, he has also ranked in the top ten for creepiest and most offensive according to Fox 23. I kinda feel bad for Pistol Pete because unlike other mascots, he is based off a real person.

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Pistol Pete is inspired Frank Eaton. He was born in 1860 and was said to have a faster draw than Buffalo Bill, earning him the nickname Pistol Pete. Frank back in 1923 rode in the Armistice Day parade in Stillwater and a group of Oklahoma A&M College students thought his look would be a perfect mascot. Turns out back then they were know as the Aggies.

Over the years people would flip flop between Aggies and Cowboys. It wasn't until 1958 when the school officially changed to the Cowboys and Pistol Pete was born. This would also be the first year they put State in their school name. I think the reason people don't like Pistol Pete is the big head on a normal body.

If it was a full mascot suit it would probably be better. The giant head with a regular guy's arms probably freaks people out a bit.

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