Let's delve into the famous press release that changed the history of our college here in Wichita Falls and several others throughout the country.

On August 5, 2005 the NCAA sent out the following press release to all of it's universities. "The presidents and chancellors who serve on the NCAA Executive Committee have adopted a new policy to prohibit NCAA colleges and universities from displaying hostile and abusive racial/ethnic/national origin mascots, nicknames or imagery at any of the 88 NCAA championships."

In their press release, they mention that many universities were already going through the process of changing their mascot or team name. However, 18 universities were not compliant and would have to change. Since our college here in Wichita Falls, Midwestern State University, was one of them. I was curious what the other schools changed to. Let's check it out.

Alcorn State University - Braves

Alcorn State Braves vs University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Moccasins
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Still the Braves, but the uniforms no longer feature an arrow and any Indian imagery has been removed from the games. Here is what the team looks like today.

Alcorn State - Current

NCAA Football - Silver Dollar Classic - Alcorn State vs Morehouse - September 30, 2006
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Central Michigan University - Chippewas

Kenan Lawhorne carries the ball
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The team is still the Chippewas, however anyone attending games dressed as an Indian or doing the chop at sporting events is not welcome. At least according to the school's website.

Catawba College - Indians

Although the team is still called the Indians, I can't find a single jersey in any sport that says it. Every sport just says Catawba on the uniform. The baseball team just has a giant C on the hat. Since the college itself is named after an Indian tribe, it looks like they were allowed to keep the mascot name.

Florida State - Seminoles

Florida Gators v Florida State Seminoles
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Without a doubt the biggest University on the list. Florida State continues to use the Seminole name, but Chief Osceola as you see above is the only thing that has really changed since 2005. The school no longer refers to him as a mascot, but a school symbol. He also no longer cheers on the sidelines with the cheerleaders.

University of Utah - Utes

Mike Fouts
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So this one gets interesting the team was originally the Redskins, but local tribes asked them to change the name and back in 1972 to the Utes which was a local tribe. The name remains to this this day. However the logo has changed on the helmets and a hawk has become the mascot. Some believe if they were forced to change their name down the road, they would go with Red Hawks, hence the new hawk mascot.

New University of Utah - Still the Utes

Arizona v Utah
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Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Indians

We have our first official university on the list that changed completely. Officially unveiled in 2007, Indiana University of Pennsylvania became the Crimson Hawks.

Carthage College - Redmen

The school actually recently changed completely to The Firebirds back in 2021. It looks like back in 2019, the student body was one that complained about The Redmen named and asked them to change it. Looks like the logo they used from 2005 to 2021 dropped any Indian imagery from it. Just a plain Carthage C on top of a shield.

Bradley University - Braves

So the school actually has not had any Indian imagery since 1992, according to their website. However the Braves name has stayed to this day. They use a gargoyle for their mascot. Not joking, look at that thing above. If they have had no Indian imagery, not sure why they made the NCAA s*** list. For now, the Braves still stay at Bradley College.

Arkansas State University-Indians

Current Arkansas State University - Red Wolves

Hell yeah, best mascot upgrade on the list. Looks like the old nWo red wolfpack from my childhood. Officially changed in 2008 getting them off the NCAA list.

Chowan University - Braves

Now simply known as the Hawks. Officially changed in 2006, so quickly off that NCAA list.

University of Illinois - Illini

The school is still known as the Illini, but the Chief Illiniwek logo seen above was retired in 2007. The block I logo is what most of teams use nowadays, so probably don't need to change anymore to make the NCAA happy.

University of Louisiana - Monroe Indians

Louisiana Monroe v LSU
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Could not find any photos I could use of the Indians uniforms. 2006 was when they officially became the Warhawks, so not long after that press release went out.

McMurry University - Indians

Wichita Falls and Abilene are constantly compared to each other as cities. Crazy that both mascots were the Indians back in the back. McMurry University would officially become the Warhawks in 2011.

Mississippi College - Choctaws

The team did drop their Indian mascot named Chief Choc. The name Choctaw is still their team name to this day.

Newberry College - Indians

Newberry College Current - Wolves

This one gets interesting. So in 2008 the NCAA told this college that their nickname officially had to go. For TWO YEARS the school had no nickname. I guess they were just the Newberry Football Team? In 2010, they officially became the Wolves.

University of North Dakota - Fighting Sioux

Boston v North Dakota
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Current University of North Dakota - Hawks (kind of)

Although the University has officially become the Hawks, some fans have not embraced it. Apparently the hockey fanbase still wears Fighting Sioux merch to games to this day and I am not saying a select few. It is apparently the majority of fans.

Southeastern Oklahoma State University - Savages

Just gonna add a storm to our nickname in 2006 and yup all good. All Indian imagery removed and the team now uses storm or tornado references for their mascots.

Midwestern State University - Indians

Current Midwestern State - Mustangs

Saved the best for last, I was visiting Midwestern State University in 2006 to look at colleges. I remember seeing Indian murals still up around campus, but the school was officially the Mavericks.

As you can see on the list, many universities changed, but many just made slight changes. Pretty crazy to see some didn't really do anything.

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