Mondays typically suck, BUT NOT TODAY!

So today I was scrolling through Facebook looking for things to talk about I happened to see someone in Wichita Falls spot one of the greatest vehicles of all time driving towards our city.


Lance Osterman
Lance Ostermann

Photo credit goes to my man Lance Ostermann who spotted the iconic Wienermobile driving towards Wichita Falls. So of course the first thing I did was go to the Oscar Mayer website to see where this little hot dog was stopping. That's right, you can track the wienermobile as it drives across our great country and guess what? It's in Wichita Falls RIGHT NOW!

Wienermobile Meet and Greet in Wichita Falls

If you're reading this right now stop what you're doing and go to the Walmart on Greenbriar Road. The Wienermobile is there until 1 this afternoon. If you can't make it, don't worry. We have two meet and greets in Wichita Falls. HOLY S***! THIS DAY RULES!

That's right, the Wiernermobile will then be traveling not too far north to the Walmart on Central Freeway for a Meet and Greet from 2pm to 5pm. So if you're picking the kids up from school this afternoon, this would make an ultimate surprise on a Monday.

Looks like tomorrow (May 2nd) the Wienermobile is at Sheppard Air Force Base, which not all of us have access to, but if you have base access it will be at the Commissary on base.

Then on May 3rd, it has a FIVE HOUR meet and greet from 1pm to 6pm at the Walmart on Lawrence Road. Hopefully they don't run out of weenie whistles. Looks like after that, they head on out to a new city.

Looks like it has been seven years since we got to show the wienermobile across some iconic Wichita Falls destinations. Check out that video below. By the way Oscar Mayer, you need to visit us more often!

Check out the Wienermobile on Their Last Visit to Wichita Falls Below

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