The children were brought to a hospital in Tulsa and were severely malnourished.

34-year-old Mary Elizabeth Moore of Miami, Oklahoma was recently in court due to an incident in April. Her five and three-year-old child were brought into a hospital for malnutrition and had to be put on nasal feeding tubes. The older child told Department of Human Services workers that she ate dog feces and said the arresting officer noted the child had parasitic pinworms.

Mary Elizabeth Moore was sentenced Friday after entering the plea in Delaware County District Court. Defense attorney Ken Gallon said Monday that Moore doesn't admit wrongdoing, but decided to take a plea offer from prosecutors. She has been given two, seven-year suspended prison sentences after pleading no contest to the charges.

A suspended prison sentence is basically probation in case you did not know. We will see if she can stay out of trouble for the next few years. The children have been placed in state custody.

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