I knew this was big, but I didn't know it was this big.

Here Is What I Thought WAS The World's Largest McDonald's

Over in Orlando, Florida sits this massive McDonald's. I remember driving by this thing as a kid when my family went to Disney World. It's three stories, with a full arcade, and a play place that takes up two floors. Plus it has specific items only available at this location. Including brick oven pizza, Belgian waffles, customized pasta dishes, and omelets. Some of those options are available at other McDonald's around the world, but this is the only place that has them under one roof. Turns out when I was a kid, this location was lying to me. The World's Largest McDonald's actually was in Oklahoma.

The Actual World's Largest McDonald's

Yeah, those jerks in Orlando were lying to me as a kid. This bad boy opened in Vinita, Oklahoma back in 1957. Way before the one in Orlando opened up in the 1970's. It was the first ever restaurant built over a major American highway. Sitting at 29,135-square-foot it is over ten thousand square feet bigger than the one in Florida. I remember in the 90's they were advertising that Orlando one as the biggest, but they were just a bunch of liars!

Sadly, Oklahoma No Longer Has the World's Largest McDonald's

Back in 2014, this area went under renovations and McDonald's gave up a LOT of their space in this location. Hell, McDonald's even allowed a Subway to open up on the premises. The restaurant above the highway still remains, but the golden arches in all their glory are sadly gone.

Now I'm Finding Out Florida May Still Be Lying?!

This McDonald's in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is supposedly the biggest. Now the one in Florida advertises as World's Largest ENTERTAINMENT McDonald's. Damn sneaky Floridians! Either way, for a period of time, Oklahoma had bragging rights to the World's Largest McDonald's.

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