If this happened everyday, CSPAN would have some of the highest ratings in the country.

What Went Down at the Senate Yesterday?

Who would have thought that a hearing on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions would almost turn into a full on beat down. That almost happened between Oklahoma Senator Markwayne Mullin and Teamsters President Sean O' Brien. I kid you not this sounds like something a bunch of high school kids would fight over, but Mr. Mullin did not like what Mr. O'Brien said about him on Twitter (or X whatever you want to call it).

This Tweet Was Read Aloud at the Hearing Yesterday

Back in June, Mr O'Brien called out Mr Mullin's height. Also saying, "Anyplace, anytime Cowboy". Well I guess that place and time was November 14th, 2023 at the United States Capitol...LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!

Watch the Tense Hearing Below

Bernie Sanders sadly didn't let the rumble go down. Come on Bernie, you could get rid of some of the debt in the country if you put this thing on pay per view. Who wouldn't want to fight a Senator they hate? I don't really know Mr. Mullin, but I would tune in to watch a politician fight. Hell, I would use that as my campaign ad next election cycle. Senator Mullin, literally ready to fight for Oklahoma.

Guess What? Not the First Time These Two Have Gone At It

Looks like we have a Stone Cold Steve Austin VS The Rock feud brewing in Washington. Back in March, these two went at each other. Granted physical violence almost didn't happen, but Mr. Mullin did tell Mr. O'Brien to quote, "Shut your mouth".


Like I said, get Senate hearings going like this and I guarantee the American public will tune in and pay attention. Who will win round three between these two? Tune into CSPAN whenever the labor union issue comes up again.

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