You may want to keep an eye out for speed traps -- a stretch of road where the speed limit suddenly drops for no reason and there's always a cop with his radar gun ready -- the next time you drive through these places in Texas and Oklahoma.

I have personally gotten more speeding tickets driving to Dallas than to Oklahoma City, and I drive up to Oklahoma City frequently. That's why I was shocked by this new study that has determined the worst speed trap cities and states in America. Texas is actually pretty low on the list, coming in at number 33 with a total of 19.1 speed traps per 100,000 residents.

The Texas city with the most speed traps is Coppell with 114.03 per 100k residents. Coppell also has the third most in the whole country. The city with the second most speed traps in Texas is Grapevine with almost 79.69. So if you're driving through those Dallas north suburbs, be on the lookout.According to

According to Thrillist, the most notorious speed trap in Texas is Ocean and Arroyo, Los Fresnos.

Speed Traps in Texas

Looks like you need to be more careful in Oklahoma though. The state comes in at number five in the whole country for the most speed traps. Moore has 46.22 speed traps per 100k residents and tops the list for Oklahoma. According to Thrillist, it's easy to catch out of state speeders since it's right on the Arkansas border. Enid takes the number two spot with 37.46 speed traps.

The most notorious speed trap in Oklahoma is US 412 at the Arkansas border.

Like I said, all of my speeding tickets have been in Texas, so I was shocked by this. Thanks to lovely officers in Decatur and the bike cop hiding in the bushes on Maplewood right here in Wichita Falls. Yeah, if you're driving on Maplewood towards MSU, be on the lookout for a cop on a bike sitting under a tree near those apartments.

Speed Traps in Oklahoma

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