A one-year-old child is no longer alive and many are blaming the mother's boyfriend as the cause of the death.

Back in mid July, Lincoln Lewis was rushed to Mercy hospital. Lincoln was just one year old and sadly passed away from a skull fracture and a brain bleed. Prosecutors are looking into how something like this could have happened to a baby. Doctors said these injuries are consistent with abuse.

Prosecutors are currently investigating Bert Franklin, who is the boyfriend to the boy's mother. They had a break in the case this week of a surveillance video from the kitchen. It's hard to tell exactly what happened in the video from the angle, because it's from the kitchen and not the living room where the alleged abuse took place.

Prosecutors are arguing the video shows Franklin slamming Lewis head first into the ground and then shows him making a violent kicking motion at a spot on the floor. A short time later, it shows him carrying a limp baby in one arm as he walks into the kitchen and gets a piece of pizza.

Lewis’ mother told police she heard a loud thud and came downstairs, but Franklin told her he was throwing a ball to the dog. The mother told police the baby was lying on the couch with pillows around him when she went down and that Franklin told her the baby was sleeping.

They later put Lewis to bed and didn’t realize anything was wrong until about 2:00 the next morning when Randall tried to wake Lewis for his bottle. That is when the baby was rushed to the hospital.

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