Not so long ago I brought you the story of the dentist who sought revenge on her ex by pulling out all of his teeth. It was reported that a man had a toothache, so he went to his ex, who happened to be a dentist. She sedated him, and when he left he got home to discover his teeth were all gone. Now it seems the entire story was fabricated.

We’ve been had.

I bought this story as well, though I thought it was a bit extreme for a dentist to do such an act because it would wreck her entire career.

The truth came to light when started investigating the tale, and when they contacted the police in Poland where the incident was said to have occurred, the police said there was never any investigation regarding the dentist. Furthermore, there are no records of a dentist by the name of Anna Mackowiak anywhere in the region.

The story seems to have originated in Britain, though the journalist who first published it doesn’t remember what his source was, and even seems sketchy about even remembering that he wrote the article.

So what was the purpose of the hoax? Is it a statement about how a news story can go viral but still have no shred of truth? Was it someone simply trying to have fun? What was your reaction when you first heard about the story?

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