If you think that your relationship with your ex is bad, it probably isn’t as bad as this. A man had a toothache this week, so he went to see his ex, who happens to be a dentist. Instead of pulling just the one tooth or fixing the tooth, she pulled all of his teeth.

Marek Olszewski figured that Anna Mackowiak was a professional, but when she doped him up she clearly lost her mind. When she looked at him, she stated that she, “saw him lying there I just thought, 'What a b-----d.’”

Clearly that doesn’t mean that she should pull all of his teeth. She bandaged him up and sent him on his way.

Olszewski could tell something was wrong when he awoke and couldn't feel any teeth in his mouth. But he said Mackowiak assured him that he'd be fine once the numbness wore off, NDTV reported.

When he got home, it was a different story.

Now Mackowiak faces up to three years in jail for what she did, but in my humble opinion, that’s just not enough time. When you go to see a doctor, you trust that he or she will treat you fairly, and Olszewski lost her mind.

UPDATE: Turns out this story is a hoax. Click below to read more.

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