This story is going to get a little complicated, so I will do my best to explain what in the hell is going on. Probably shouldn't have said hell in a story about church.

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Up in Oklahoma City, a Tik Tok is going viral from Redemption United Methodist Church. A family was kicked out because they brought marijuana into the church. At least that's what the church thought, turns out it was actually oregano. Which I found hilarious, what is the excuse in any TV or movie when a kid is busted with weed. Oh that's just my oregano.

Actually, it was legitimately oregano. Why would someone just be walking around with oregano? Turns out this particular church has a program with the Department of Corrections where prisoners on good behavior can attend services with family members. I actually think this is a great idea, however, you have to look to make sure no one is exchanging anything to take back to the prison.

The church thought this family brought in marijuana for the prisoner, but it was legitimately oregano for some menuedo they brought. Apparently after the service you can enjoy a quick lunch before going back to the Department of Corrections. The church wasn't having any of it, even though the family pleaded with them it wasn't marijuana. Sure oregano, we have heard this one before. The church refused to open the bag and smell it. They kicked them out without being able to see their family member.

Now prisoners cannot take anything back with them, but they can eat in the church. The family has said they have done this many times in the past. The family is just upset because this is their only opportunity to see their loved one outside of prison and they just wish the church would have opened the bag.

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