This just might be enough to get even the most germaphobic among us to head out to a restaurant for a night out during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tappo Restaurant in Buffalo, New York unveiled heated igloos on their rooftop a couple of years so folks could still enjoy a (sort-of) outdoor dining experience while being protected from the brutally frigid winter temperatures of the Northeast. 

And now Welltown Brewing, a brewery/pub in Downtown Tulsa just unveiled their own igloos (or personal snow globes, as they called them) so customers could use their rooftop dining facility in winter. And while that is still the main purpose of the igloos, I could see people who aren’t comfortable dining-in at restaurants during the pandemic being drawn toward them. 

I will readily admit to being a germaphobe long before there was a coronavirus going around the world. When everyone was rushing and buying hand sanitizer, my wife and I were in no hurry to restock, because we stay stocked up on it anyway. Hell, we still haven’t run out of the big bottle we had prior to the pandemic. 

But with that being said, we have gone out to eat a few times over the last nine months. It felt liberating to go out and enjoy a good meal at a local restaurant, but I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t a tad bit anxious when we did. 

And while I totally understand there’s still a risk of transmission when eating in your own little igloo, it’s gotta be a little bit safer, right?

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