The Governor has seen the numbers going up in the state and is doing new restrictions that go into effect on Thursday.

In the past week, the state of Oklahoma has seen a big increase in active coronavirus cases. The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in the state of Oklahoma has gone up 19%. Since March, Oklahoma has had 156,857 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and sadly 1,538 deaths.

Just a few days ago, officials with the Oklahoma State Department of Health say 1,247 patients were in Oklahoma hospitals with either a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.“ Based on the data in our state, specifically the rise in hospitalizations, now is the time to do more,” said Governor Stitt. “We need to pull together. Oklahoma, I need your help but more importantly, our doctors, our nurses, our healthcare professionals and hospitals need your help.”

The Governor says that on Thursday, changes will be going into effect at bars and restaurants throughout Oklahoma. Restaurants must have their tables six feet apart. “This will allow them to continue to operate safely while making sure everyone is socially distanced. If they can’t stay six feet apart, they can also install properly sanitized dividers between tables, booths, and bar areas. The goal is to keep groups separated so we can slow the spread of COVID,” he said.

Also, all bars and restaurants must close each night at 11 p.m. However, curbside and drive-thru areas may still remain open. Stitt says he is also implementing a mask mandate for state employees and those visiting state buildings. “I continue to encourage Oklahomans to wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance. I’ve been saying this for months. They work and we need your help,” he said.

Hopefully we see these numbers go down in Oklahoma and also here in Texas in the coming weeks.

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